Endog-endogan, How Muslims of Banyuwangi Do Their Easter

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Endog-endogan, How Muslims of Banyuwangi Do Their Easter Endog-endogan ceremony. (Picture by: Roghib Mabrur/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESPALEMBANG, BANYUWANGI – As to celebrate what so believed as the Prophet of Muslim Mohammed's birthday, the local community of Banyuwangi held the Endog-Endogan festival each year on the Hijr calendar.

This festival is almost similar to the Easter party for Christian. Endog is a local language which means egg. And symbolize the newly born creature to the world.

They will escorted thousands of egg to walk around the village or several points of. This has become a traditional almost for all villages in Banyuwangi every year.

On the Endog-Endogan day, the community will paint the egg. Some people will paint it flower to represent their happiness to welcome the birth of their prophet.

Some of them will also draw eyes and nose and also mouth and then dressed the egg. They will decorate the egg with typical Banyuwangi headress.

The egg will be put on skewer and plugged into a banana tree. There will be around 50 eggs plugged into a banana tree.

During the parade, they will sing and call their prophet name in a beautiful and harmonious melody. All the people from the kids to the old will walk together wearing white dress and sing together.

The local government even has put this Festival on their tourism yearbook. Beside the cultural value there is also a social value that people work together hold the egg on their shoulders and escorting it to the pointed spot.

"We would like to preserve the local culture by keep conducting this Endog-Endogan Festival. And this year 25 local district in Banyuwangi hold it together at a time in a day," The Mayor of Banyuwangi Abdullah Azwar Anas said on Saturday (9/11/2019). (*)

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